Buried Under the Snow by Rami Kim, $128

Mixtape V1 by Kate Bingaman-Burt, $25

you already know by People I’ve Loved, $45

Golden Eye Sunset Print by Ashley Seil Smith, $20

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney, $35

Gratuitous Type Issue 4.5 by Elana Schlenker, $12

Set of 7 European Starlings by Nic Annette Miller, $350

Trash Doves (iOs stickers) by Syd Weiler, $2  

Everyday Explorers Journal Kit by Christine Herrin, $40

Awesome Poster by Jessica Hische, $120

Silicon Valley Greeting Cards by Irina Blok, $3

The Gutsy Girl by Caroline Paul + Wendy Macnaughton, $18

Caroline Hurley Natural Throw, $140

Cracked Bronze Metallic Backpack, $310

Twins Ring, $100

Cold Picnic Private Parts Rug, $264

Recreation Center Raw Mark Mug, $30

Sincerely Tommy Dosa Sunglasses, $50

Effie’s Paper Black Girl Magic Notebook, $19

Black and White Memo Pad by Olivia Sophia, $8

Bevel Shaving Kit, $90

The Carry-On by Away Travel, $225

Book + Personalized Art by Elle Luna, $65

Tactile Matter Lady Tribe Tote, $30

Mighty Tiny Win Goal Tracker, $90

Lua Sol Caballero Cuff, $35

Martine Leather Convertible Backpack, $280

Everyday I’m Hustlin Print by Paper Jam Press, $30

Corey Egan Silver Spine Cuff, $330

Love Potion Hot Stuff Mug, $14

The Dipper Audio Necklace, $199

Group Partner Dark Leaves Mug, $65

Dusen Dusen Bath Town Set, $290

Tuesday Bassen Ugly Girl Gang Beanie, $30

“Eloise” Cow Hide Cross Body Bag, $155

Tactile Matter Long Handle Shapes Mug, $52

Emi Grannis Knot Ring, $140

Onyx Solitaire Spike Necklace, $65

Leah Staley Gold Burst Earrings, $56

Holly Aiken Yoga Tote, $148

Standard Wax Fresh Mistletoe Candle, $32

Lindsay Eyth Kids Feminist Tee, $34.00+

Gem + Geo Winter Hexagon Earrings (Obsidian), $60

Odds And Sods Shine On Enamel Pin, $9

Nesting Bowls, $138

Hair Cuff, $48

Boob Sweatshirt, $110

Print Dress, $225

Jam Gift Box, $30

Body Scrub, $11

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