I’m Maggie Mason, and for the past few years I’ve been making Advent Calendars with some of the proceeds going to charity. This year, when Trump was elected, advertising suddenly felt gross to me. I felt like the election stole most of my will to celebrate.

Among my post-election worries was that small businesses who had invested in inventory for the holidays would be left with a lot of expensive product, and no customers.

So I asked friends on Twitter and Facebook to point me toward Democratic businesses run by women and minorities. Then I put together this gift guide, which I hope will grow in the next few weeks as people send me suggestions.

Shop Blue links through to the stores where you can make your purchases. All profits go directly to shop owners.

Every purchase you make through Shop Blue supports someone who believes in a more equal, just America. An America that’s safe and prosperous for all of our citizens. Here’s to putting your dollars where your votes are.